NeoSee offers high energy, ultra long lifetime in a reliable integration for rolling-stock. Based on the latest technology, Centum Adetel Transportation Solution offers a large range of Smart Embedded Energy boxes integrating PowerLiC™. NeoSee integrates 1 to 4 1,5 kWh parallel branches, each one made of PowerLiC™ modules.


Metro, LRV, LRT Smart Embedded Energy for Catenary Free Operation
  • Powering vehicle without Over Head Line or third rail
  • 15s fast charge at station
  • Braking energy recovery


  • Typical energy:  1,5 kWh
  • Energy beginning of life: 1,4 kWh
  • Energy end of life:  1,2 kWh
  • Max voltage:  900 V
  • Min voltage:  550 V
  • Nominal RMS current:  200 A
  • Repetitive peak current:  300 A @ 5s every 60s