Baby Buffer Bus Ultrafast Charging Station 400 Vac industrial network
  • Ultrafast charger for Catenary Free or Catenary Less Vehicles
  • Open technology can operate other OEM energy storage equipment
  • For Catenary Free Vehicle : NeoB3 control loop manages charging of the embedded energy
  • For Catenary Less Vehicle : NeoB3 generates constant output voltage as requested by the embedded energy equipment supplier


  • Supply Mode : stores electrical energy from 400V 3ph industrial network according to available network power
  • Fast Charge Mode : when vehicle is connected, or during vehicle station stop, fast charge is enabled to achieve transfer into onboard supercapacitor storage


  • Input voltage : 400Vac 3ph 50Hz
  • Input power : 50, 100, 250 kVA
  • Energy buffer : 1 to 16 kWh
  • Output voltage : from 450Vdc to 950Vdc
  • Output max power : 1000kW to 2000kW / 15s