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Who are we?

Centum Adetel Transportation System is a global leader in providing Information Management & Security Systems.

Centum Adetel Transportation System develops products for the rail transportation market with the goal of improving energy efficiency, security and real-time information access. Centum Adetel Transportation System has established a proven track-record of successfully deployed systems in the European, North American and Asian transportation markets.

Our values


Customer relationship is the heart of every business and more so at Centum. Customers are not just one of the stakeholders for our business but our reason to do business maintaining delightful Customer Relationship is our forte.


At Centum, Teamwork is coming together of a group of highly motivated people who are committed to achieving organization goal and willing to be held accountable at the same time for their actions and results.


The first and foremost aspect of openness is just. Centum values its employees and believes in a work environment encompassing Openness & Trust, in all of its communications and actions.


Centum values its employees and believes in a work environment encompassing Openness & Trust, in all of its communications and actions.


At Centum, we strive for Excellence in all that we do however big or small that task may be, and are never content with being the second best.


As a responsible corporate citizen Centum endeavors to have a positive impact on the greater society that we serve. Social responsibility is intertwined in our self belief and work ethics.

Teamwork - Technology - Trust

Our team



  • 1990 : Founding of Adetel in Lyon (France)
  • 2001 : Opening of an agency in Paris (France)
  • 2005 : Creation of Adetel Group
  • 2007 : Expansion of the group in the United States, Morocco and China
  • 2010 : Acquisition of Bertin Services Aerospace
  • 2012 : Creation of new subsidiary in Canada
  • 2014 : Strengthening the Group’s position in North America with Adetel Solution
  • 2016 : Centum Electronics buys majority stake in Adetel Group


Centum was founded in 1994 in Bangalore, India. Since then, Centum has rapidly grown into a diversified electronics company with operations in North America, EMEA and Asia. The company offers a broad range of products and services across different industry segments. It has continuously invested in strengthening its design & product development capabilities while developing deep domain knowledge in the segments it operates in. Centum has also established truly world-class manufacturing facilities with cutting edge infrastructure as well as a global supply chain capable of delivering products with high quality and reliability.

A key contributor to Centum Group’s growth has been the strong relationships forged with international customers and partners. This customer-focused approach coupled with Centum’s culture hinged on the core-values of “Teamwork-Technology-Trust” has resulted in a track-record of high quality products & services and excellent execution ability.