Adetel Solution is proud to offer her customers engineering services for complete product lifecycle management and technical assistance.

Our team can help you conceive, design, realize and service your dedicated products or completely integrated solutions.

Our broad technical expertise covers all aspects of product management

Systems Engineering:

  • Operational Context Characterization
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Reliability Engineering

Product & portfolio management:

  • Resource Allocation
  • Progress Tracking & Planning
  • Strategic Solution Direction

Product Design:

  • Specification & Description
  • Development & Prototyping
  • Validation, Integration & Test

Manufacturing Process Management:

  • Industrialization / Transfer to Production
  • Sourcing & Procurement
  • Failure Mode & Effects Analysis

Product Data Management:

  • Change Requests Management
  • Reliability & Availability Statistics
  • Obsolescence Management

A work philosophy

The respect of environment is an elemental part of Adetel Solution’s basic goals for success. Several analyzes derived under the Eco-design approach are applied on designed electronics products in order to reduce at maximum the impact on the environment and health.

Our sole goal, a faultless operation.

Our sole goal, a faultless operation.

Our products are designed to support the significant lifespans required for critical embedded electronic systems. We offer solutions with the expected operational efficiency by incorporating in our design phases stringent reliability, availability and maintainability studies.

Our deployed products are monitored for on-site reliability and our systems closely analyzed through availability statistics.

We can provide you with the engineering expertise to perform Mean Time Between Failure analysis & assessment (MTBF), Meant Time to Repair evaluation (MTTR), Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA), Lifetime assessment, Reliability calculations & associated block diagrams (RBD) using specialized tools.

Our strategy, a pro-active obsolescence risk management.

As the expected life expectancy of finished goods becomes longer, the electronic components availability is increasingly shorter. Obsolescence management is nowadays a key issue, as such Adetel Solution, thoroughly and continuously manages the entire product life cycle for its customers while optimizing product durability.

Adetel Solution policy consists in applying a pro-active management strategy to predict and identify obsolescence risks by using reliable technology watch assessment and normative system involvement. This approach aims at optimizing the obsolescence, planning and maintenance management processes.

This competency allows our customers to obtain:

  • Guaranteed stock availability for manufacturing and repair (RMA)
  • Improved products with advanced technology, while managing impact on compatibility and functionality
  • Guaranteed second source availability for sensitive parts
  • Reduced product life cycle costs

An intrinsic part of our daily engineering activities.

Configuration management is an intrinsic process of our daily engineering activities that allows us to establish and maintain the consistency of our products’ performance, functional features, design characteristics and operational data throughout their lives.

Our configuration management process allows us to:

  • Chart the changes request up to their implementation and validation
  • Monitor and track changes to a product
  • Recover data (documents, plans, source code, etc.) used to build earlier versions of products
  • Rebuild earlier versions of products to maintain & sustain operational conditions

Make your voice heard throughout the project.

Our validation, integration and test teams are responsible to provide proof that the products and solutions developed comply with the requirements of our customers.

In order to fulfill their mandate, our experts reproduce the operational environment of our products as closely as possible: number of equipment, configuration and interfaces to external systems. To get there, Adetel Solution has specialized test equipment such as:

  • Electromagnetic anechoic chamber
  • Ovens and environmental chambers (heat, cold & humidity)
  • Acoustic anechoic chamber

Our teams provide testing solutions within the limits of normal operation but also beyond. Special attention is put to the identification of possible cases of failure and dysfunction.

Our rigorous and open approach in the design of the validation, integration and test strategy of a solution allows our customers to get the expected behavior of their system in operation.

Designed to pass the test of operation in transportation.

Our products are designed, tested and certified to operate in the electromagnetic and environmental conditions they are intended for.

Adetel Solution can provide electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), thermal and mechanical (shock and vibrations) testing services in regard to product regulatory standards in transport environments both onboard vehicles or on the wayside.

Our team can also offer our clients a complete testing program to ensure product compliancy to local or national regulations.

Our expertise includes EMC pre-compliance testing (electrostatic discharge (ESD), electrical fast transient (EFT), surge and conducted immunity), debugging and troubleshooting. We can provide complete design analysis starting from printed circuit boards schematics to product enclosures with regard to EMC and signal integrity.

A reality of public transport that should not be overlooked

Fire Safety is an integral part of every system and sub-system designed at Adetel Solution. We make sure that all components combustible materials used in our products are compliant to the Fire and Smoke requirements of various national and international standards such as NFF16-101/102, NFPA-130 and EN45545.

There is no substitute for field experience.

Adetel Solution’s support & deployment teams have the qualifications to enable them to intervene in the different environments of a public transportation system with a safe and targeted approach.

Our teams support the commissioning of new projects for our customers by supporting activities such as :

  • Verification of the physical installation of equipment
  • Validation of wiring (shield connection, crimping, impedance, reflectometry) and analysis of communication networks (latency and throughput)
  • Uploading of software versions and analysis of configuration settings
  • Phased commissioning of systems with functional validation up to customer acceptance

As part of the reliability and availability monitoring activities, our teams are also able to provide support for investigative activities and debugging.

Adetel Solution is proud to enable its customers to benefit from our many years of experience in support and deployment of embedded electronic systems around the world.

Our broad technical expertise covers all aspects of product management

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