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Solutions tailored to your needs

Adetel Solution is proud to be your partner in your new development or renovation projects. We can put our expertise of more than 100 international embedded solution deployments to work to achieve your specific goals.

Our solutions are designed with a system engineering mindset of interoperability using open architectures and state-of-the-art technologies. Our designs have demonstrated their efficiency and reliability on stringent railway deployments and have years of commercial service to demonstrate it.

We invite you to discover our product portfolio covering all aspects of public transport information technologies from network infrastructure, passenger information, public address, video surveillance, intercommunication to completely integrated multi-systems solutions.

Adetel Solution is the partner of choice for:

Embedded Solutions

Our embedded solutions have been designed to provide a reliable option for mobile deployments perfectly suited to the rigors of the embedded world.

Electronic components destined for operation onboard a transport vehicle are subjected daily to a stringent operating environment.


Distributed Solutions

Information management is today crucial in the daily operation of public transport networks.

Adetel Solution is proud to offer its expertise in integrating complex distributed systems in order to capture and present timely and relevant operational and security information to the appropriate stakeholders.


Integration Solutions

The development and deployment of fully connected transportation system is a reality of multi-modal and efficient public transport networks.

Data exchange between a fleet of moving vehicles and complex operational infrastructures spanning long distances or large urban areas is technically complex and brings its load of challenges.



Adetel Solution is proud to offer its customers engineering services for complete product lifecycle management and technical assistance. Our team can help you conceive, design, realize and service your dedicated products or completely integrated solutions.