Business areas

Technological solutions must be designed to provide a tailored response to the needs of your business field while being perfectly adapted to the rigors of your environment.

Aerospace and Defense

We are more and more citizens of the world and safe travel is an essential requirement.

This requirement imposes electronic subsystems capable of operating as much in an aircraft flying at 10,000 m altitude as in a military equipment constantly undergoing environmental shocks given its nature.


The population is thirsty for information during their journeys aboard trains. The operators need effective and reliable solutions to operate them at a lower costs.
These factors require the electronic components on board a railway vehicle capable of operating continuously under difficult constraints such as vibrations, mechanical shocks to fulfill their missions.

Industry and Energy

Producing clean energy in a requested quantity at exactly the right time is the challenge of all modern societies.
The technology is there to maximize your energy usage and energy production while minimizing losses and environmental pollution.
Industries must be competitive at a global level. The technology is a key differentiator to remain competitive and to lower production costs.

Automobile and industrial vehicle

Tomorrow, the car will make its way with little human intervention while minimizing pollution.
To do so, the technological operating aids of automobile, from the comfort of the driver and passengers are the ways of the future.


Technology at the service of human life, well-being, improving life conditions and health.

These are the challenges of the field of medical technology for the human race.